The 5 best activities for friends and yourself [Berlin Winter Edition]

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Addressed and inspired by you and friends at my last party, I just took the morning and gathered my ideas for a wonderful winter time in Berlin.

Berlin offers so much, far away from the overcrowded Christmas markets. There are so many creative minds who take courses with you. Just take a look inside, let yourself be inspired and maybe you’ll even find a Christmas present or two.

Info: I haven’t tried everything [yet] but I hope that the recommendations will still leave a good impression and you won’t be disappointed. Please leave comments about your experiences!

Bake the world’s best cupcakes [Workshop]

Aktivitäten in Berlin

It’s cold, it’s grey. This is why some of you may feeling very dejected. So it’s time to lift the mood a little. Of course, the best way to do this is with the wonderful sweets that are available this time of year.

However, if you want to try something new and have enough of your standard cookies, you should try to get a place at the cupcake baking course of Tigertörtchen. The number of participants is limited, so book quickly.

Still available in March

55 € per person

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Making your own chocolate [Workshop].

Aktivitäten in Berlin

If cupcakes are not enough and you want more, I have something for all the foodies. Two hours in Belyzium is all about one thing: chocolate. So if you don’t want to taste the head of a boring supermarket Santa Claus again, you can design your own creation and take it home with you.

For the preparation, the chocolate experts need one week in advance, so please register in time. 

Still available in February and March

37 € per person

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Fly like a bird in the wind [Adrenaline junkies]

Aktivitäten in Berlin

If you think that bad weather is only outside, you don’t know the Hurricane Factory yet. The boys and girls can make you a little breeze inside, too. More precisely, up to 280 km/h and let you even fly.

With all the chocolate and cupcakes, Germany’s largest wind tunnel will have no problem lifting you into the air. From single, double and group flights everything is available and you will always be coached by a professional.

Availability dates for February and March

From 59 € per person

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Build your own furniture [Workshop

Aktivitäten in Berlin

Sometimes it is the case that we not only do things for ourselves, but also to make others happy. That’s why my search for an original christmas present led me to the hobby joinery.

Here you can build your own stool, table, chair or (already too late) christmas calendar. In very small groups, you will be looked after and advised by a specialist in the use of saws and cutters.

This is how the best things are created and you get a feeling for the material wood and how wonderful it is not to buy the glued cardboard furniture from the store.

As a gift for yourself or your best friend, a self-made stool makes itself wonderful.

Available dates for February and March

Prices vary according to course / dates on request 

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Sauna on the water [Pure relaxation]

The work is done, the stool was built. Time for relaxation. There are not many possibilities in the city from my personal point of view.

Relaxation during sports is always possible, but even there you are constantly annoyed and interrupted by traffic lights, traffic or icy winds. Christmas markets are crowded, prices are exaggerated and the flair leaves much to be desired in the mostly commercial exploitation.

Not far from the bustle of Berlin’s metropolitan hectic pace, you can spend a wonderful time with your friends and cruise the Berlin waterways with the sauna raft. Whether with or without overnight stay, you can decide.

In any case, you will get 100% relaxation and can charge the battery for the next days. The season is, of course, ideal for the really hard ones, who don’t shy away from jumping into the water after the sauna.

Available dates in February and March

Prices vary depending on the offer

Leanr more 

Viel Spaß und am besten genießt ihr die Zeit gemeinsam. Nichts ist besser als die schönen Momente im Leben mit den Menschen zu teilen, die wir lieben.

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