2017 - A Year of Happiness and Friendship [The PLEVENDO Annual Review]

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The 31st day of the twelfth month of a year is for many a day with great symbolic value.

For many of us, it’s a beginning. A start into something new. New intentions, new ideas. Many of us want to go new ways from this day forward.

If you believe a study by the DAK, in 2015 one in two managed to keep up with the good intentions for at least 4 months. 

As anyone can imagine, these surveys are strongly influenced by things like 

“living healthier”, 

“doing more sports” and of course 

“less [insert bad habit here]”.

These intentions are a wonderful thing. But let’s review the year, let’s take a look at one thing. Whether we have mastered the good intentions or not. There are other thing which made our year a special one

Good intentions and what is really important

We travelled, got married, won the championship, had a baby. Maybe you bought a house or sold one. Some may changed the job and had to leave nice colleagues.

Then we found out that the new colleagues are really nice as well and the old colleagues stayed – as friends.

In 2017, each of us has once again written wonderful stories.

But if we look back on the year today, we mostly realize that everything wonderful we remember is connected with a constant:


Whether our partner, family or friends. Most of the moments we remember we experienced together. We have shared them with the people we really care about. And we’re still sharing them. In stories at the next beer, with photos on instagram or a good story in our next blogpost. We send out videos and postcards of these moments and remember those moments again and again when we were laughing on the floor or lying in our arms with tears.


Because we are overwhelmed by the feeling of sharing the most beautiful moments of our lives with the people who mean most to us.

Friends make us who we are

For me, the word friends clearly comes from happiness. That’s why I like to look back on the year 2017. Proud of what we have experienced together. 

Viewing the photos of our holidays we shared, the bike tour at the lake we did or the first barbecue in the new house they bought.

But I also like to look ahead quickly. Not because I want to forget quickly, but because the drive for new experiences and moments is so great that there is no reason to wait.

All we need are the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

So here is your to do:


Thank you for a wonderful year 2017.

♥ This list is NOT a ranking ♥



Paul & Lucie

Toni & Ester

Alex & Uli

Dana & Marius

Stine & Martin

Martin & Josi

Basti & Josi

Marco & Kathrin







Mörbi & Tine


Gutschi & Maria

Patrick & Sandra







Natis Familiy

Meiner Oma und meinem Opa

Meinen Eltern

Meiner Schwester


Meinem Bruder


Meinen Nichten

Dem Team vom Gründerservice Merseburg

Dem gesamten Team vom FSV Berolina Stralau

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